Why should you partner with Connecta?

To ensure the success of any transport business, the freight forwarder must keep up to date on a number of issues, ranging from market trends and regulatory changes to new technologies. Connecta launched this initiative with the goal of helping freight forwarders stay current and become leaders in their industry.

Focus on logistics and intermodality.

At a time when buying and selling is as easy as pressing a button, it is essential to offer an increasingly personalized level of service. We must anticipate customer needs, whether by providing full logistics chain services, integrating transit from origin to destination, or only performing intermediate operations. To do so, we must remain flexible and be willing to form alliances and synergies with other players.

Connecta helps you become a leader.

As a customs clearance specialist, Connecta aims to be the carrier’s main ally on the road to success. As an Authorized Economic Operator, we act as your centralized office, simplifying your processes and procedures, informing you of regulatory changes and serving as your point of contact with the administration. We are backed by 30 years of experience and a versatile staff of 58* people capable of meeting all our clients’ needs.

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