Customized customs services to meet each customer’s unique needs

Any company or individual wishing to export or import will need a series of customs services. We offer a customized service tailored to your needs. It is prudent to customize these customs services, as no two foreign transactions or purchases are identical. To begin with, it is essential to differentiate between export and import, since, depending on whether you are selling or buying something abroad, different customs processes and laws apply in both the country of origin and destination. In addition, customs duties and taxes will vary depending on the type and quantity of goods exported or imported.

“Connecta’s customized customs services are designed to meet companies’ export and import requirements”.

These fees and taxes are paid to the Tax office in Spain. In addition, since the company is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all information submitted to the Customs Department, it is essential to obtain good customs advice. As mentioned above, customs and excise laws are complicated, so any company’s customs services must be tailored to the requirements of the exporting or importing company.

Connecta, a Full-Service Customs brokerage service provider

As experts in customs operations, Connecta can offer you a customized service tailored to your needs. For starters, we can handle customs clearance for you. The export DUA or import DUA is the most relevant customs document in this procedure, depending on whether you are selling to or buying from another nation. We can also make sure that your product is correctly classified in terms of tariffs. In addition, we can handle the processing of any export or import documents required by the customs authorities, as well as provide you with international transport quotations. On the other hand, if your products need to be stored in a warehouse for an extended period, we can offer you storage services in a bonded warehouse (DA) or in a non-bonded warehouse (DDA). Connecta can also help you obtain the EORI number, which is the European Union registration and identity number for economic operations or process the ex officio TIN.

“Connecta’s customized customs services include everything from customs clearance to the entire processing of documentation for a foreign trade operation, including all customs formalities”.

Additionally, we can manage additional international trade procedures and services, such as the processing of duty and tax payments. We can also handle additional customs processes related to the specific regimes applicable to your products, such as inward processing, outward processing, or temporary importation. These are just some of the many customized customs services that Connecta offers to exporting and importing companies.

How does Connecta create customized customs services?

To begin with, since Connecta’s customized customs services are tailored to the specific demands of each client, the first thing we will do is to assess and analyze your needs. From there, we will provide you with a set of customs services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the smooth running of your international trade business. We will provide you with comprehensive information that will help you make sound business decisions and implement solutions that will translate into competitive advantages and increased profitability. Connecta’s customized customs services can save you time and money.

We leverage our more than six years of experience to create logistics solutions that require meticulous customs clearance. Customers can contact Connecta’s experts for any queries or to create tailor-made customs services based on the type of goods and their origin or destination. Our experience and expertise contribute to the success of companies involved in international trade.


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