What is customs clearance?

If you have bought or sold goods outside the European Union, either as a company or as an individual, you will need to clear customs. Customs clearance is a procedure that must be carried out before the customs authorities for your goods to enter or leave the country. The customs clearance process is necessary for the Administration to inspect and approve your commercial activity of selling and buying abroad. The Customs and Excise Department of the Tax Agency will need you to provide a series of documents that identify the importer, the exporter, and the item. This customs process allows the Tax Agency to perform a series of customs controls on the goods, as well as safety, health, and quality controls.

The customs clearance process is mandatory and must be completed before the Customs Authority will allow goods to enter or leave a country.


Customs services are handled by sea, air or land customs, depending on whether the goods were shipped or received by port, airport or land. To complete the customs clearance process, the following information is required:

  • Financial information of the importer/exporter.
  • Origin and destination of the import/export
  • Modes of transport and their origins
  • The number of packages, their gross and net weight, the volume of the goods and their description.
  • Taxes to be paid (only in case of import).


Do we take care of your customs clearance?

Whether you are a company or an individual, Connecta can handle your customs clearance. To start processing, we will need the following:

  • A photocopy of the DNI/NIF
  • Commercial invoice
  • Transport Authorization for Clearance (we send you a model)


Connecta’s specialists are experts in carrying out customs processes quickly, reliably, and economically. Connecta will take care of submitting the necessary documents to customs to complete a customs clearance. The required documents are:

  • The commercial invoice
  • Package checklist
  • Transport documentation
  • The Single Administrative Document (import or export SAD).


We will minimize unnecessary trips, solve any customs problems that may arise and help you reduce costs. In addition, we will take care of any additional documents or services required by Customs for your products, such as physical examinations or inspections of Foreign Health, Animal or Plant Health, SOIVRE and Pharmacy.

At Connecta we will handle your Customs Clearance in just 24 hours and we will also process any additional paperwork or service required by Customs, keeping you informed at all times of the progress of the procedure.


As customs agents, we will electronically file the customs declaration of your merchandise and we will indicate whether it enters the green channel (all correct), the orange channel (documentary inspection) or the red channel (physical inspection). At Connecta we will manage your import and export customs clearance in a maximum of 24 hours. We will provide you with all the documents, complete all the paperwork and keep you always informed of the progress of your customs clearance and in a transparent manner. We are experienced customs brokers who represent you directly with the customs authorities. We will communicate any customs notifications concerning your products.


Connecta has two channels of communication and document transmission:

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