What is the need for Good Customs advice?

The world of global trade and transit of goods is very complicated and new regulations, laws and treaties are continually being developed that alter the rules of international trade between nations.

This is the main reason why both in customs and shipping an exporting and importing company must be well advised.

The success of an international purchase or sale is also about being sure that all the necessary customs laws are complied with in both the exporting and importing country, not just the designation of an efficient logistics chain.

It is vitally important to comply with customs regulations so that there are no problems with an export or import.

We train our experts on an ongoing basis to stay informed of any new developments in the logistics and customs sector.

Therefore, you are sure to save time and money by having a customer service as complete as the one we offer at Connecta.

Our team of experts has a long experience and the necessary knowledge so that our customers know their rights and duties before customs enters or exits their products.

At Connecta we know how customs works and therefore we can advise you on many elements, such as the paperwork you need to provide and the customs protocols in an international trade operation that you will need to comply with.

All companies and individuals who want to effectively manage their exports or imports benefit from our experience and knowledge in the customs sector.


How does Connecta create our Customs Advisory Service?

A simple, fast, reliable, accessible, and comprehensive customs advisory service is a Connecta feature.

First, our team of service brokers will assess your needs and then create a global plan for your company to streamline and optimize all cargo customs processes.

Connecta conducts extensive research to meet your company’s unique requirements.

Our advice will help you make the right decisions, implement the right changes, and take advantage of beneficial benefits, increasing your competitiveness.

Companies can make use of tailor-made consulting services that provide advice and recommendations that enable them to make the right decisions, improve and take advantage of benefits.

At the same time, at Connecta we study all the tariffs you must apply to your export or import of goods and merchandise. This step is critical because the duties and taxes that are imposed, must be paid to the Inland Revenue.

In addition, we ensure that your products have met the origin requirements to ensure that the laws in Europe can be enforced. As a result, you can take advantage of trade agreements and other free trade agreements that you have signed with other nations or economic regions.

We inform our clients on how to use customs valuations correctly, as well-calculated valuations can help companies save money and avoid tax problems.


What customs advisory services does Connecta offer?

Connecta’s experience and professionalism allows us to offer a wide variety of customs consulting services to companies and individuals.


Basically, these customs consulting services are the following:

  • Tax advice.
  • Customs regulations.
  • Use and administration of customs warehouses such as ADT (Temporary Warehouse), LAME (Local Authorized for Export Goods), DA (Customs Warehouse) and DDA (Deposit other than Customs).
  • Advice on foreign trade.
  • Specialized staffing.
  • Review of single customs regimes.
  • Advice on establishing single regimes.
  • Legal advice on how to do business in Free Trade Zones.
  • Establishment and management of Foreign Trade Departments in companies (import and export).
  • Tax recovery
  • Tax review
  • Tariff analysis
  • Establishment of criteria to determine the origin of foreign traffic.
  • Customs valuation studies

All the customs advisory services we offer at Connecta are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, their price is also determined by the processes and legalities that you want us to manage.



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