Management of Documentation in Postal Shipments

Nowadays, companies and individuals send and receive documents and parcels through ordinary mail instead of using private courier services.

Since these shipments may originate or arrive in a European Union country, they are exempt from customs duties.

However, this does not exclude the completion of several procedures, such as the processing of paperwork with the postal operator, such as the clearance of goods.

In the case of shipments from non-EU countries or from Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, a series of import customs procedures, such as the customs clearance  and the presentation of the SAD, must be carried out.


Customs clearance for postal Shipments

To begin with, you should know that all shipments arriving in Spain through the postal service that include documents are not subject to customs inspection.

Depending on the origin and content of the package, postal goods entering Spain may be subject to taxes and duties.

However, if it is a package containing goods or products, it may be subject to certain restrictions and customs duties, which will generally be handled by the postal operator.

In addition, shipments between individuals that are not a commercial transaction, such as a gift, must pay taxes if their value exceeds 45 euros.

If, on the other hand, it is a commercial transaction and the package arriving in Spain includes items worth more than 22 euros, VAT must be paid, regardless of whether the recipient is a company or an individual.

In Spain, the processing of these packages from abroad, whether they include papers or products, is usually handled by ADT Posts, but through Mails, the publicly owned postal operator.

ADT stands for ” Temporary Storage Warehouse” and is the place in Madrid where the mail from this postal operator arrives.

On the other hand, any person or company that is the addressee of the shipment can choose to contract with ADT Postcards and Mails through the services of a customs broker, such as Connecta.

That is, for this type of cargo, a customs broker can also coordinate the delivery of the documentation with the postal operator.

Finally, there is the option of carrying out customs formalities in person, through the Tax Agency’s electronic headquarters, but it is recommended that the person carrying out these formalities be familiar with the entire sequence of customs requirements.

In addition, the Tax Agency has a document detailing how to use the simplified shipping form for individuals.


What can Connecta do for you when it comes to Managing your Mailings?

When your shipment arrives at ADT, you will receive an arrival notification from the carrier, who will inform you if you are required to pay duties or customs and will also request several papers before transferring the shipment to you.

At Connecta we take care of the delivery of these papers with ADT Postcards on your behalf.

At Connecta Tax agency we will represent you in front of the postal operator, we will deliver the Levante to you, and we will take care of the transfer fees.

On the one hand, we will deliver the Levante to ADT Postcards de Madrid physically. The release, which is a customs procedure, is the documentation that the customs office delivers and that authorizes and allows the removal of the items from the customs or ADT premises, once all the corresponding customs duties and taxes have been paid.

In addition, you should know that the postal operator will charge you for the custody and transfer of documents. These document transfer charges are included in Connecta’s price and, as  customs brokers, we pay them directly to the postal operator as a pre-delivery step.

Connecta’s experience in managing document delivery can help you solve problems such as your shipment being held up at the ADT or Post Office for any reason.

Our expertise in customs procedures allows us to handle the necessary paperwork to ensure that your postal cargo arrives at its destination with the highest level of security and reliability possible.

You will not have to worry about anything as Connecta’s staff will arrange for the delivery of the items to ADT Postcards and cover the cost of moving them.

We will notify you of all the necessary measures to avoid any problems during the reception of your shipment, which will allow us to avoid unnecessary visits and processes and save you time and money.


Connecta has two channels of communication and document transmission:

– By email to:

– You can also use our form to Connect with us.

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