How can i Export my Personal Items?

Export for personal effects may occur, for example, because you are moving to another country for work purposes. There are some important points to keep in mind to be able to carry out this procedure. You may need to bring a modest number of personal effects, such as clothing, books or other household goods, or a larger amount, such as furniture, household equipment or automobiles. Thus, depending on the quantity and volume of personal affects you wish to transport and the nation to which you are moving, you must determine whether you will export for export for personal effects by land, sea or air.

In addition, you should consider whether you need to export your personal effects immediately, in which case it is advisable to use the air, which is faster, but more expensive, or the ship, which is slower, but less expensive and is particularly suitable for transporting a large volume of personal effects.

Each of these forms of transportation has a different price structure that varies according to the distance traveled. In addition, depending on the country of destination, it may be necessary to go through easier or more complicated customs procedures, pay several fees and comply with stricter or more liberal regulations.

Personal effects can be exported by land, sea, or air, depending on the urgency of the cargo, and each mode of transport is priced based on the volume of personal effects to be exported and the country of destination.

If the destination country is a member of the European Union, the transportation of personal effects is simplified due to the EU’s free movement of people and goods.

If the destination is a non-EU European country or a third country, it is prudent to inquire about the necessary formalities and possible limitations on the entry of personal effects.


Working with Specialized Companies

Whichever route you choose, it is advisable to deal with a land transport company that can take care of loading your personal belongings at origin, transporting them by truck, which is the least complicated and least expensive option, and unloading them at destination.

If you are exporting by sea or air, the transport company you choose must guarantee that they will arrange for the collection and loading of your personal effects in a suitable container, arranging transport by ship or plane to the country of destination, and transferring the personal effects to the destination address you have specified.

If you are unsure of the procedure for exporting your personal effects and have doubts about the most cost-effective method, it is prudent to use the services of a specialized freight forwarder.

For example, a freight forwarder can advise you whether your personal effects will fit in a 20-foot or 40-foot container, or whether a groupage (container shared with other customers’ products) is more appropriate if your personal effects will not fill a container.

If you are unsure of how to export your personal effects and have doubts about the most cost-effective method, it is prudent to enlist the services of a specialized freight forwarder. In addition, they will notify you which personal effects you can export and which you cannot.

Thus, you can transport furniture, household appliances, clothes and books across countries as long as they are not classified as dangerous goods, i.e., they can catch fire or cause an accident.

The export of personal effects such as live animals and plants, fresh food (fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.), beverages, cleaning or perfumery products, medicines and pharmaceutical products, cigarettes, combustible or explosive articles and firearms is prohibited.


What documentation is required?

To export personal belongings from Spain to another country, you will need the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of the national identity card or passport.
  • Inventory of the contents, including a description of the personal effects and an appraisal of their value.
  • The departure details of the transport company.
  • Authorization for export clearance (we provide you with a guide to follow for requesting clearance authorization).

If you are shipping personal effects by sea, you will need the B/L or bill of lading as the main transport document. The freight forwarder can purchase and arrange this paperwork with the shipping company.

On the other hand, it is prudent to ensure personal effects for export, as this coverage will cover any loss or damage to the goods suffered during transport.


Do we take care of the Export of your Personal Belongings?

At Connecta Customs Agency we can advise you on how to export your personal belongings by land, sea, or air to any destination.

We coordinate all the documentation and manage the  export clearance in a maximum of 24 hours thanks to our experience. We will inform you of all the necessary formalities and we will also take care of all the paperwork with shipping lines, airlines, and carriers.

At Connecta Customs agency we are specialists in the export of personal goods, and we can coordinate all the documentation and manage the export clearance process for you in as little as 24 hours.

The experts at Connecta Customs agency will handle all customs formalities associated with the export of personal goods, both at origin and destination.


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