Shipping moves the planet and although the transport of goods accounts for 90% of world trade, there is a fundamental misunderstanding about most of the ideas related to international transport costs.

From port fees to customs charges to surcharges applied under various conditions by shipping providers. In addition to the cost of ocean freight, what we can think of as the price of the ship voyage, there are a wide range of elements that must be taken into account when estimating the cost of an import or export.

Keep in mind that many of these costs may seem integrated with others in an international shipping estimate, but it is crucial to understand all the variables that determine the final cost of shipping.

Ship anywhere in the world with the best transit rates offered by Connecta. We provide you with free, no-obligation rates for all your services. You will have the guidance of our specialists in the transport sector during the whole process of contracting and post contracting of the service or services to attend all your problems.

We offer you palletized transport service, adapting to any standard or unique size. We pick up and deliver pallets of different dimensions, measures and sizes. We put at your disposal a national and international service with the best transport agencies with the best budgets.

Thanks to our expert carriers, with many years of experience, we provide high quality and safe services, ensuring at all times that your products reach their destination without any incident and with the best budgets adapted to the unique travel requirements of our customers.

Connecta has two channels for communication and document transmission:

30 years of experience

We put all our experience at your disposal,
so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

We are experts in Customs Services in Spain.

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