The international transportation budget is essential to start an export or import

operation whether you are a company or an individual who sells or buys goods in other nations and will need to transport them to their last destination, whether by land, sea or air.

Since international transportation is one of the most critical operations in a logistics chain, it is essential that your budget is sufficient and in line with your needs.

“At Connecta  Customs Agency we can provide you with an international transport quote that ensures a price in line with the services you will need.”

To do this, it is essential to choose an experienced partner, and Connecta is a specialist in  sea, air and land transport operations. We can provide you with an international transport quote tailored to the services you will need.

In addition, we will inform you on the steps and procedures to be followed to export or import products.

Connecta Customs Agency’s experience in International Transport

Each form of transportation has its own set of laws, regulations, and documentation.

Therefore, it is critical that you have the most complete information possible on all aspects of an international shipping or airfreight operation.

Compliance with international and domestic laws is critical to the success of a freight forwarding business.

This information allows us to manage transportation operations to and from any nation on the five continents of the planet.

At Connecta, we have a traffic department that is familiar with all applicable rules and regulations that must be followed when operating any mode of transportation.

“All forms of transportation have to comply with applicable national and international regulations”.

At Connecta we can arrange sea or air shipments, as our team knows the proper method of handling the goods, given that each requires different treatment. We can provide you with a quotation for the international transport of dangerous goods, perishable or refrigerated goods, dry cargo and large or bulky goods.

What else can Connecta Customs Brokerage offer you?

Along with the international transport budget, you will almost certainly need other services, such as shipment preparation (handling, packaging, labeling).

It is essential to organize the transport chain correctly (the best route, the most suitable mode of transport, inland transport at origin or destination).

Similarly, storage of the products may be necessary (appropriate facilities depending on the type of product or quantity and volume).

In addition, you will need an efficient and accurate document management system for the duration of the shipping operation.

“Successful export or import operations require good advice on international transport and customs procedures.”

In this regard, Connecta handles the handling of all export and import paperwork, including customs procedures, both in the country of origin and destination.

Advice from our experts on transportation costs, customs and tariff processes and the payment of applicable taxes is also very beneficial and contributes to the success of the international transport operation.

Undoubtedly, the services and processes provided by our company will help you save time and money, as you will be in the hands of experts.

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