What other Customs Services does Connecta Offer?

As an individual who wants to export or import goods, you will need several customs service’s when shipping or receiving goods. In addition, you will need to provide the administration with a series of official papers with which you are probably not familiar. Thanks to their extensive experience, Connecta’s experts can handle all types of customs processes. Our services will help you avoid unnecessary travel, saving you time and money. At Connecta, we can assist you with any customs service you need, and we have listed the most frequent ones below.

“Thanks to their experience, Connecta’s experts are able to handle all types of customs formalities and interactions with the administration.

Advice on Customs, Tariff Classification and Collection of taxes and Duties

To begin with, if you have never carried out a shipping or receiving operation with another country, or if you lack experience, Connecta offers you a customs consulting service. As customs brokers, we have extensive experience that we put at the service of companies wishing to manage their imports and exports. AtConnecta, our customs consulting is comprehensive in the sense that we are familiar with all customs regulations and legislation governing the entry and exit of goods into and out of the nation. In addition, our knowledge of international trade allows us to ensure the success of your logistics operations. Other customs services you may need that Connecta can provide are tariff classification and duty payment.

Connecta offers customs assistance and other services such as tariff classification of goods and payment of customs duties“.

Regarding tariff classification, you should know that, depending on the nature of the product, determining the exact tariff heading to which it belongs is not always straightforward. In addition, depending on its categorization, which must always be accurate and honest, various duties and taxes are imposed, as well as a series of taxes to be paid to the Tax Agency. Proper tariff categorization is critical in any international trade activity, and as such, the experience we have at Connecta can be invaluable in ensuring that it is done correctly. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the payment of customs duties. You should be aware that customs duties are filed with the tax office using form 031.

Connecta’s service is very complete, as we take care of the processing of this document, which is necessary in any international trade operation, as it serves as proof of payment of customs duties and taxes, such as VAT. This fee can be paid through Connecta’s website; once paid, we take care of managing the payment with the tax authorities, saving you time.

Additional services that Connecta can Provide

Connecta’s experience and professionalism allow us to offer companies and individuals additional services and processes that can be essential.

As an example, let’s consider the following operations:

  • Document delivery management
  • Premium Home Delivery Management
  • Customs Consultation
  • Customized services


Other services related to transportation and logistics

Connecta also offers additional transportation and logistics services. This allows us to provide international freight quotes and handle the procurement and management of integrated transport services for any product, including dangerous goods, perishable, refrigerated and dry cargo, by air, sea, or land.

“Connecta’s additional services include freight forwarding, customs clearance and e-commerce logistics solutions”.

Connecta also has expertise in parcel handling, efficiently and cost-effectively clearing any item you need to send or receive. Connecta also offers e-commerce solutions to individuals, taking care of all the logistics related to your online business nationally and internationally. On the other hand, we can also manage the delivery or collection of mail and document shipments at your home. Finally, Connecta specializes in various additional formalities, such as customs clearance for the import of personal items or removals, as well as customs clearance for the export of hand luggage. All the tailor-made services we offer at Connecta are adapted to the specific requirements of our clients. Consequently, your prices will be modified to reflect the processes and formalities you would like us to handle on your behalf.


Connecta has two channels of communication and document transmission:

– By email to: info@miconnecta.com.

– You can also use our Connect with us form.

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