International agency for international trade.

Connecta is a customs broker and a company specialized in the administrative processing of export, import and transit of goods. Despite being based in Barcelona, its reach in the national market is worldwide.

Connecta Agencia de Aduanas

Customs agency with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

Connecta is an international trade agency with over 30 years of experience and is registered in the Register of Customs Representatives of the Customs and Excise Department of the Tax Agency. Currently with a large staff specialized in the sector that can represent you before the customs authorities, Connecta maintains a strong commitment to meet customer demands and adapt to their needs.

Connecta’s dynamic and adaptable workforce allows us to improve import and export processes. One of the company’s objectives is to keep its employees at a high level of knowledge of customs regulations, following the development of changes in laws and administrative regulations by the European Union, thanks to the continuous training of its employees and by adapting to new technologies in the commercial sector, which is essential to carry out commercial transactions.

Connecta provides, among others, the following services.

Connecta Agencia de Aduanas

Foreign trade is within everyone’s reach.

Connecta has been able to adapt to the new times as a result of globalization and the increasing import and export of goods internationally. For this reason, it now concentrates its activities on foreign trade operations in Asian markets and beyond the European Union.

Spain is now enjoying a period of grace for its import and export sectors. Domestic growth is now faster than in other European nations such as France or Germany. For this reason, Connecta has made a strong commitment to the sector and is dedicated to facilitating the import and export of products for small and medium-sized companies as well as individuals.

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