Fast and Reliable home delivery Management

Parcel delivery services must often be fast and agile, as the customer needs them immediately. However, if standard postal services are used, this need for immediate delivery may not be met.

This is why we offer premium or express parcel delivery services.

Naturally, these deliveries can come from an EU member state or a third country. In all cases, several formalities must be completed, as well as documentation with the postal operator before the package can be released.

In addition, if the cargo originates from outside the EU or from Ceuta, Melilla or the Canary Islands, a sequence of import customs procedures must be completed, including customs clearance and the filing of the SAD.


Customs Formalities prior to Home Delivery

To begin with, you should be aware that any shipment containing goods or products arriving in Spain by mail from other countries is subject to customs control and may be subject to restrictions or require payment of customs duties, which are usually handled by the postal operator.

Depending on the origin and content of the shipment, postal packages entering Spain may be subject to taxes and duties.

Taxes are also levied on shipments on transactions between private individuals that are not of a commercial nature, such as a gift. In these cases, tax is payable when the value exceeds 45 euros.

VAT will be charged if the transaction is between private individuals and the shipment arriving in Spain includes items worth more than 22 euros.

In Spain, parcels from abroad are usually handled by the company ADT Postcards, albeit through Mails, the state postal service.

ADT stands for ” Temporary Storage Warehouse “, which is the place in Madrid where this postal operator receives your mail.

A private individual can complete the customs formalities for a shipment online through the Tax Agency’s electronic headquarters, although it is recommended that you are familiar with them.

In addition, the Tax Agency provides individuals with a document detailing how to use the simplified shipping form for individuals.

In any case, the recipient of the package who is a private individual has the option of using the services of a customs broker, such as Connecta, to manage the procedures with ADT Post and Mails.

As a result, the customs broker can arrange for the parcel to be collected from the postal operator’s premises and delivered to your home address. This is an expedited or premium service, which means it is delivered as soon as possible.


What are the Advantages of Connecta’s Premium Home Delivery Management?

When your shipment arrives at ADT, you will receive an arrival notification from the carrier, which will inform you if you must pay duties or customs and you may also need to show certain paperwork before handing over the box, depending on the origin of the shipment or its contents.

Connecta will take care of the necessary paperwork with ADT Post on your behalf. And what will we do for you?

Connecta Customs Agency will act as your representative vis-à-vis the Postal Operator and will take care of the delivery of the Levante, as well as the collection and delivery of your package within 24/48 hours.

To begin with, we will physically deliver the package at ADT Postcards in Madrid. The Levante, which is a customs procedure, is the document issued by customs authorizing the exit of the merchandise from the customs premises or ADT once all the corresponding customs duties and taxes have been paid.

Secondly, we will pay the postal operator’s usual document custody and transfer charges.

Connecta’s price includes these transfer fees, which we pay directly to the postal operator as a step prior to delivery.

From here, we will pick up the package at ADT Postcards and deliver it to your home using our private carrier within 24/48 hours via express service.

If your shipment weighs more than ten kilograms, please contact us to discuss the circumstances and we will provide you with a delivery quote. We take this opportunity to inform you that we do not deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.

On the other hand, it is important to note that if your package is not at the ADT Postcards office, we will reimburse you 35% of the cost of the service.

You will not have to worry about anything because Connecta’s staff will take care of the delivery of the Levante to ADT Postcards and will cover the transfer costs.

We guarantee that the item will be delivered to your home in 24/48 hours, and we will avoid unnecessary travel and paperwork, saving you time and money.

Our experience in customs procedures allows us to deliver your package quickly and reliably.


Connecta has two channels of communication and document transmission:

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