What is the NIF of Office and why are you Obliged to have it?

If you are a company or an individual who buys or sells goods, commodities, or merchandise, you must obtain an official Tax Identification Number (NIF). The official NIF is necessary to carry out any type of economic activity. In addition, the Tax Agency obliges individuals and legal entities to include their NIF in all self-assessments, declarations, correspondence, and documents submitted to the Tax Administration.

“In order to be able to carry out economic and commercial operations, the Tax Agency requires legal persons and organizations to obtain a Tax Identification Number”.

Nine characters make up the NIF of legal persons and unincorporated entities. The first is a letter that specifies whether the entity is Spanish or foreign. It is followed by seven random numbers and the control character.

How is the Official NIF processed?

The State Tax Administration Agency (State Agency of Tax Administration) requests and assigns the NIF ex officio. Once a number is assigned to an individual or company, the NIF is registered and registered in the so-called Census of Taxpayers. Consequently, this Census encompasses all individuals and legal entities that are required to obtain a NIF to carry out fiscal activities, such as the payment of taxes, such as VAT or customs duties. Consequently, all individuals, legal organizations or entities without legal personality that carry out any type of business or professional activity and obtain withholdings or payments on account are obliged to participate in this Census.

“The ex officio NIF is managed by the State Agency of Tax Administration, and its application must be made through form 036”.

In addition, the interested party must register in the Census of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Owners. To do so, the 036-census form must be submitted to the Tax Agency. It is essential to understand that you must obtain the NIF before carrying out any economic transaction, such as the purchase or sale of a product or the import or export of goods. Consequently, you will not be able to receive payments related to these commercial activities. Once issued, the NIF never changes or fluctuates, unless the legal structure or nationality of the company to which this number is issued is modified.

What documents must include the NIF?

After receiving the NIF, this number must appear in a series of papers, especially in those that have to do with commerce and economic transactions, including the purchase and sale of goods. Thus, we will include our NIF in the following papers: invoices we issue, documents for collection or payment of labor income, operations with banking entities and financial or insurance activities, among others.

Shall we discuss the official NIF?

If you do not have an official NIF, Connecta can process it for you. Among other advantages, you will save time by not having to go to a Tax Agency office. At Connecta we will take care of all the administrative processes, leaving you free to focus on other matters.

Connecta can process your NIF ex officio in a timely manner, saving you time and money”.

Processing the NIF through Connecta is a simple and quick process. All you need to do is fill out a series of forms and we will process it as soon as possible. We are experienced customs brokers, and will process your NIF quickly, reliably and most importantly, cost-effectively.

Connecta has two channels of communication and document transmission:

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