How are Fees and Taxes processed and paid?

You must pay a series of taxes and duties to the Tax Agency when you buy or sell goods or merchandise abroad. The payment of taxes and duties is done by filling out a series of official papers that the public administration makes available to companies and individuals.

From this moment on, the necessary papers for the payment of these taxes and duties can be processed in person at any of the Tax Agency’s Delegations throughout Spain, or electronically through the Tax Agency’s Electronic Headquarters.

Because we are talking about a commercial operation abroad, that is, an import or export, the items you have bought or sold are subject to a series of customs duties.

“Customs duties will vary depending on the nature of the goods and the place of origin. These may be paid to the Tax Agency through its Electronic Headquarters”.

Likewise, customs costs vary according to the nature of the goods and their country of origin or provenance.

For the payment of international trade settlements, the Tax Agency uses Form 031.

How is the Payment of Form 031 processed?

Although the operation of Form 031 seems straightforward, it can be cumbersome due to the large amount of data to be entered, as well as references to other paperwork, such as the import SAD, before finalizing payment.

Also, the Form 031 must contain additional information, such as the customs tax on the goods or the applicable VAT (Value Added Tax).

You can access Form 031 by clicking here.

Therefore, we recommend that the payment process of this international trade customs duty be handled by a specialized customs broker.

At Connecta Customs Agency, podemos encargarnos de la tramitación del pago del 031, we can handle the processing of the 031 payment, as we have extensive experience in assisting companies with customs procedures.

In addition, we are well versed in all the customs laws that apply to products entering or leaving a nation, as well as the paperwork required by customs.

“At Connecta Customs Agency we are qualified to process the 031 payment since we are customs brokers specialized in this and many other processes”.

Consequently, we can manage both the processing of this document and the payment of the foreign trade settlement through the Model 031.

If you need more information about the 031 payment procedure, you can find it here.

Advantages of processing 031 payments with Connecta

To begin with, one of the benefits of entrusting us with the processing of the 031 form is that you will save time and money by not having to go to a Tax Agency office or bank to make the payment.

In addition, we can manage the 031 form for you through the Tax Agency’s E-Office and make the payment on your behalf.

“Processing the 031 payment through Connecta Agencia de Aduanas is simple and fast; we take care of everything, so you don’t have to”.

Once we have provided you with the payment documentation, you can make the payment by bank transfer, and we will take care of processing the payment with Hacienda.

It is very simple and straightforward, and you will not have to worry about anything. In addition, the cost of the tasks we do for you will be modified.

At Connecta Customs Agency, we offer customs services that are tailored to your specific needs.

We are specialists in customs advice, ensuring the success of your international trade operations.


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