Customs clearance:

The main customs service for professionals is the customs clearance, which is necessary for the import and export procedures of any merchandise. The customs broker is in charge of this procedure, through the representation of the importer or exporter client before the customs authority, he performs an advisory work to comply with the regulations governing foreign trade and the payment of taxes and duties to the Tax Agency.

It consists of the customs agent presenting the documentation consisting of the Commercial Invoice, Packing List and documentation related to transportation, whether by sea, air or land. Once the goods have been declared, Customs assigns a channel through its own risk assessment system. It can be green channel that authorizes the release of the goods, orange channel that implies the verification of the documentation provided and red channel that designates a physical examination of the goods and documentation.

Customs inspection services:

During the customs clearance process, apart from the basic documentation that must be provided for all clearances, there are certain types of goods that are subject to special controls.

In order to obtain customs clearance authorization for industrial, agri-food or pharmaceutical goods, an official control certificate must be provided. Depending on the nature of the product, the competence is assigned to different government agencies that seek to ensure compliance with regulations and quality requirements.

At Connecta we manage these customs services and help you obtain the additional documentation necessary for a successful clearance.

Customs services

From Connecta we can offer you a personalized customs service for your company, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

We can advise you in all stages of the transit of goods internationally, the general budget of the project, the tariff classification of the goods, as a representative for the payment of taxes, processing of special certificates, etc.. We seek to streamline this complex process and avoid the usual delays and cost overruns.

Connecta has two channels for communication and document transmission:

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