What is the purpose of the T1 Transit Document?

Transit is a single customs process that allows the transit of non-EU products within the territory of the European Union. The T1 transit is the Community transit document required for the movement of goods imported from outside the European Union. It therefore informs customs officials that the imported goods are transiting the EU territory through the external transit process. In this way, European customs regulates the movement of goods through several countries. In addition, the T1 transit document reduces customs procedures and streamlines controls at transit customs, as goods are not physically examined but simply checked against paperwork.

If you have imported goods from other nations and want to transport them within the customs area of the Union, you will need the T1.

In general, it is used to transport goods within the EU customs area and to establish external EU transit. The T1 customs document must accompany products imported into the EU from third countries. Finally, you should know that the document must be presented to customs before the goods leave the country of origin.


More Information

At Connecta we can provide you with more information about T1 transit as we specialize in customs document processing. You should know that when goods enter a country, customs officials require payment of import duties and other fees. In addition, they apply additional trade policy measures, such as anti-dumping duties, when necessary.

These restrictions apply even if goods simply pass through a country or territory on their way to a third country or territory. External transit is defined as the movement of non-Union products from one place to another within the Union customs area. Therefore, until the products reach their destination, they are free of import duties and taxes, as well as commercial policy measures. These duties and taxes are mainly composed of customs duties, excise duties and value added tax (VAT).

As customs specialists, we at Connecta handle T1 for you, ensuring that your goods enter and leave an area without incident.

That’s why at Connecta we can help you move your goods from one zone to another smoothly, handling the T1 transit formalities on your behalf. Once your goods have transited through European territory and arrived at their destination, you will have to pay customs duties and taxes. On the other hand, if you wish to know the EU transit manual, you can do so. The Tax Agency also provides information on the customs status of goods, their transit, and their exit from the EU customs area.


Do we process the document for you?

We manage and submit the customs transit document to the authorities on behalf of Connecta. This ensures, above all, that your products are transported safely and efficiently through various European nations, both within and outside the EU.

We need the following information:

  • Photocopy of ID card
  • Commercial invoice
  • Affidavit of Dispatch (we will send you a model)

We can handle the processing of the document within 24 hours as a professional customs broker. Once we have the documentation, your goods can begin to transit through European territory. In addition, Connecta’s experience in customs processes allows us to offer a reliable and fast service.


At Connecta we take care of the management and presentation of the T1 transit document to the customs authorities, allowing your goods to move freely throughout Europe.


Connecta has two channels of communication and document transmission:

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